Driving lessons in Tallinn

Looking for driving lessons in Tallinn? Please contact: + 372 5623 0088

Driving lessons in Tallinn
(Category B, automatic transmission)
Mon – Fri (at 9–16)   –   25 €/45 min
Sat   –   28 €/45 min
Our driving instructors can help if you:
  • need extra driving lessons in addition to driving school,
  • are preparing for the driving test and need additional study before that,
  • want to practice parking,
  • have a driving license but haven’t been driving for a long time,
  • have moved to Tallinn and the traffic seems complicated.

Driving instructors have driving instructor certificate.

Driving lessons begin
at Sõpruse pst. 174 parking (bus stop: Linnu tee).

Please note!

The learner must carry a learner’s form or learner’s certificate or valid driving license and an identity document during driving lessons. More information: Traffic Act

tel. 5623 0088